Invest in Livorno Province

Amerigo Vespucci the Province of Livorno, located at the heart of Tuscany, with an area of 1212 square km and an employment rate of 55.9% is presented as the 'ideal place to live but to work and invest.
There are several research activities at international level that are perfectly integrated with industrial development and the environmental and cultural.
Thanks to its central location, the province of Livorno is an efficient system infrastructure:

  • the motorway network
  • the port and airport
  • l 'interporto "Amerigo Vespucci"
  • proximity to Pisa airport "Galileo Galilei"

The province of Livorno is always engaged in strengthening the social economic system, to ensure broad support and funding for strategic activities especially in the field of 'women's entrepreneurship.

Funds for companies

The Municipality of Livorno financed working capital for innovative companies registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Livorno, with headquarters and operational units in the town of Livorno, constituted or incorporated in the form of capital.
The companies will operate in the productive sector, in trade, tourism, agriculture, the tertiary sector.

Industrial areas of interest

  • Manufacturing and Tertiary
  • Logistics system
  • Tourism

Zona Industriale "Picchianti"

In Livorno, in the North Eastern suburbs, is the industrial area of the city, known as "industrial zone Picchianti".
E 'in this area that focuses most companies Leghorn, which can exploit the width of the stores, warehouses and so on.

Industrial Zone Picchianti is in a strategic position of the city of Livorno.
E 'is easily accessible from downtown and from the suburbs, is just the beginning of the motorway, near the train station and the port of Livorno.

The port of Livorno

The port of Livorno, at 43 � 32 '. 6 North latitude and 010 � 17 '. 8 longitude, closed the year 2006 with a total movement of 28,630 million tonnes of freight, an increase compared year 2005 of +1.49%.

The port is well connected with major transport infrastructure, is located near the airport of Pisa, just 90 km from Florence, and just 3 km from the railway station.

Today the port of Livorno is one of the best equipped Italian ports: port is classified as first-class could accept any kind of ship, trade and tourism, and is able to move any type and quantity of goods: Imports grew dell '+1.72% at 18,095 million tons, while the increase in exports was equal to' +1.08% with a total tonnage amounted to 10,535 million tonnes.

There are also transhipment but limited in extent (9%), being considered, mainly a port of final destination.

Depart from the port every day many many cruises and ferries headed for Sardinia and Corsica. Shipping companies are Moby, Sardinia Ferries, Linea dei Golfi.

A Livorno is in operation for many years, the Port Approach Control (PAC) that ensures the safety of navigation and environmental protection in and near the port docks.

By Nautica pleasure

It 'the key area of excellence for' livornese economy, many companies operating in the marine industry, with manufacturers of ship hulls and components together with numerous small and medium-sized business that are mainly processing metal, fiberglass and the interior.
The main compartment, which gives greater prestige and leadersip in shipbuilding boating is recreational: Livorno looks like Tuscany second province for the number of sites of production, and the recent purchase of the shipyard F.lli Orlando Livorno by Azimut goes to strengthen the supply shipbuilding production that will include the production, repair and storage of large yachts.
An economic sector to be consolidated but considerable historical foundations in the continuing evolution Full lines more innovative and entrepreneurial.

The Naval Academy of Livorno

The city boasts of Livorno the Naval Academy, a military university from 1881 form pupils and students who want to become officers of the Italian Navy.
Strongly desired by Admiral Benedetto Brin, came from the Naval School of the Kingdom of Sardinia and than Bourbon.

The Academy was built in the area of Lazzaretto of San Jacopo, which was used for the quarantine of the crews that came from Sun.
The architect Badaloni Angiolo completed construction in 1878, and the structure was inaugurated in November 1881.
In 1913 the area was annexed nearby, occupied by Lazzaretto St. Leopold.

During the Second World War the academy was transferred to Venice and then in Brindisi.
The bombing which had struck Livorno had undermined the building of the Academy, who had to undergo several operations and massive restructuring.
The infrastructure was as expanded by the addition in 1966 of the Building Studies, home of today's scientific laboratories and specialized classrooms.
The complex of the Navy extends for approximately 215 thousand square meters.
Includes classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, swimming pool, gym, library, cinema, auditorium.

The Academy welcomes about 1200 students each year who are living inside of the following stringent laws passed by tradition, marked by intense rhythms programs where well-organized study, sport and military life is perfectly reconciled.

Trainee officers have the opportunity and the honor of being trained on ' Amerigo Vespucci, one of the most beautiful sailing ships in the world.

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