Economic System of the Province of Massa - Carrara

The economic structure of the province of Massa Carrara is divided into two parts: 75% of business is located in 'coastal area, and 25% in the' hinterland.

The economic section is that the coastal concentration more business, especially in the processing of marble, the stone sector, which accounts for nearly half of the provincial economic reality, enabling entrepreneurs to become a world-leader in the production and marketing of marble.

Despite the strong concentration of industries in the stone industry, there are many other key sectors continues to grow allowing excellent sources of investment:

  • Agro-Food Sector
  • Commercial
  • Industry Engineering
  • Nautical Industry
  • Settore Turistico

Agro - Food

The agricultural land occupies an important place in the 'economy of the area have been increased agricultural land for the production of wines DOC, DOCG and IGT, leading to an increase of Companies, which continue to enhance the quality of the products terms of typicality.

E 'remarkable growth in the livestock sector and Bee.


Represents the 'cornerstone of the economic system territorial determines 26% of local gross domestic product and 17% of' total employment, which led to a significant growth of commercial enterprises and medium-sized structures, especially food.

Over the years, trade has become a field where you can invest and make innovation, thanks to the strong presence of youth.


The Province of Massa-Carrara is the third most important in Tuscany with regard to the shipbuilding and yachting, with industrial areas in the coastal slopes that allow the development of this activity and easy connections to the port of Marina di Carrara.

The province of Massa-Carrara, with its high quality products in Nautical, helps to place the third Tuscany in Italy for number of companies nautical-diportistiche, especially with regard to boats and yachts exceeding 20 meters from the design unique and sophisticated.


The tourism sector in the province of Massa Carrara is a field in motion, that is renewed is from a business service that represents an 'important piece of economic planning, offers different types of investment both in the coastal strip in which' lunigiano hinterland. In recent years the province of Massa-Carrara has aroused strong interest on the part of the whole 'Europe, with French tourists, Dutch, Belgians, Germans and Swiss. While tourists from States United express greater amounts of non-attendance.