Economics of Pescia

Pescia is an ancient medieval village that, despite the changes the structure and maintains the magic of a very ancient village.

The town is divided in two urban areas joined at the bridge of the Cathedral: a sector, the religious, is characterized by the Cathedral, the other civil, represented by the Town Hall and the large square.

Key Sectors

  • flower
  • cultural tourism
  • paper industry


Pescia is located on a land that boasts unique features, which you can find flowers and plants typical of all areas of the world beyond those strictly related to Tuscany: the olives.

One area of vital economic importance for the municipality of Pescia, the flower representing 5% of 'national agricultural production, Pescia is set to Pistoia in first place in Italy for the production of plants and flowers ornamentalli, making the Tuscany region more productive and attractive from a commercial and profitable.

Companies operating in this sector have become in a short time world leaders, with exports of success throughout the country and internationally.
The flower, although this is an area claimed for years, rapprersenta still a primary target for entrepreneurs and companies that want to invest in this field.

Paper industry

Tuscany is centuries producing paper in the world, and Pescia is one of the most common Tuscan 'edge in the industry.
L 'thorough knowledge of the processes of paper and' extreme care in production, led Pescia ranked nationally in the paper industry, where many companies have wanted to invest.

Cultural tourism

Pescia is a city by a very rich history of events, for this is very interesting from a cultural point of view: in the old town there are many palaces and churches that have a significant historical value.

Do not overlook the position of Pescia, immersed in lush vegetation Valdinievole, not far from the main cities of art: Florence, Lucca , Pisa.

Over the years prestigious and capable entrepreneurs have been able to invest in the development of business accommodation of relief, knowing the advantageous opportunity to exploit an area that continues to rise as tourism is today.

Reach Pescia

  • By car: Highway A1 Fl-Mare 1 - Exit Lamporecchio. Follow signs to PESCIA.
  • By Air: The nearest airports are Pisa Galileo Galilei and the Amerigo Vespucci airport in Florence. From these two airports can be reached Pescia in the car or train.
  • By train: The station is served by Pescia line Railway Florence-Lucca-Viareggio.