Invest in Lucca

Economic system

The economic system of the Province of Lucca is one of the most significant of Tuscany, made up of several macro manufacturing sectors contribute significantly to strengthening the 'economy of the Region:

  • Industry Sector (paper, yachting, footwear, mechanical, chemical and pharmaceutical)
  • Tourism (hotels and restaurants)
  • Other services (fioricoltura, typical products, olive oil, wine)

A diversified economy that is now accompanied by a beauty and a significant cultural heritage, giving pride of collective well-being of the city, making it a reality Lucca rich resource for those who want to invest in different sectors.

Mechanical engineering

The spread of paper industry has encouraged a substantial expansion of enterprises in mechanical, closely related to the paper / paper: thus in most industries from operating in the construction of machinery for paper mills, with companies located in the territories bordering the municipalities of Lucca, Pietrasanta and Viareggio.

Mechanical industries, working for years in the industry and players in economic and industrial innovation, ensure a 'good source of investment and dynamic innovative.

Settore Turistico

For years the tourism industry of the province of Lucca is well established and continuous expansion, thanks to natural assets such as Versilia The Garfagnana , And the Plain of Lucca: places highly suggestive that continue to attract tourists from all zones d 'Europe.
The province of Lucca can count on excellent facilities, qualified to ensure good facilities for tourists. Ample opportunities for investment are guaranteed by the continuous presence of tour operators, even foreigners in the local tourism sector.

Great benefits for alberhi, bed & breakfast and farm.

Paper Industry

To 2003 consists over 130 companies (7.3% of 'local industry). The Province of Lucca has a tradition and one consolidated over the years, thanks to a large number of businesses and technology vendors and service providers and a favorable logistics.

Businesses are now leaders in Europe through the development and 'use of technology to' avant-garde in the paper industry: the companies can rely on continuous innovation, research and development through continuous interaction with universities and research laboratories.

Main types of processing:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Tissue

Field Stone

It stretches across the Apuo-Versiliese especially on the Provinces of Massa-Carrara and Lucca .
The Apuan Alps are famous worldwide for the marble quarries where the blocks are extracted marble white: Calacatta, Arabescato, Bardiglio, Cardoso, Brecce, Cipollini, for the most important and famous works worldwide.
In the territory Apuo-Versiliese are about 150 caves and 1026 companies operating in the area, a ten-year tradition with a 'high specialization in production and processing of marble, which has entered the Tuscan companies ranked in the world in an increasingly demanding and constantly evolving.

Types of work:

  • plates
  • Floors
  • sculpture
  • Interior furnishings and urban
  • funeral
  • objects
  • granules

Facilities for companies

The new PRSE 2007-2010 (Regional Plan for economic development) is the primary objective to support enterprise growth through improved competitiveness and employment levels, especially women, through grants for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, construction and mining.

The PRSE is divided into 4 basic points:

  • Industrial research and innovation
  • International cooperation, promotion, marketing
  • Reorganization of industrial districts and local production systems
  • Innovation and sustainability of tourism and commercial

Useful Links The portal for businesses, hotels, bed and breakfast in Lucca and its province.

In most history of the city, itineraries and many curiosities.

Reach Lucca

  • By train: The main relay stations are Viareggio, Pisa, Florence, Pistoia, Aulla.
  • By Air: The nearest airport is G. Galilei of Pisa. From Pisa you can reach Lucca thanks to rail links.
  • By car: - coming from Florence: highway A11 Firenze-Mare, exit Lucca, 1 km from center
    - For those coming from Pisa: 12 dell'Abetone and SS Brenner.
    - For those coming from Viareggio: Highway "Bretella" Viareggio-Lucca, Lucca exit

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