Business in Tuscany, investing in Tuscany

Tuscany is the fifth largest region d 'Italia, a region to the business, where entrepreneurs find fertile ground and begun to invest well: our strength is a long tradition in' industrial innovation.

L 'European unit has allocated more than 1 billion euros to Tuscany: These funds are allocated to projects revitalization and development, and may benefit small and medium-sized industrial enterprises, craft, tourism and trade. The funds will be used to enhance the development and competitiveness of enterprises and promote the creation of new business initiatives.

These benefits offer considerable opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in Tuscany.

The territory is rich in Tuscan cities in increasing economic development and home of many multinational leaders: Siemens, GE, Eli Lilly, Chiron Vaccines and Boehringer Ingelheim. City keen to research and technology that offer multiple investment options, from leather goods to tourism, from real estate to enogastronomic activities.

Located at the heart of 'continental Europe, Tuscany allows to broaden and strengthen the distribution network throughout the country and Europe by exploiting the favorable logistical position on the Italian territory.

Guide Tuscany has at heart the production and economic fabric of the region, to that end it is proposed as a valuable tool for the business community that they intend to examine the investment opportunities offered by economic and financial landscape of Tuscany.


Tuscany is one of the first regions in Italy for pharmaceutical research, particularly the core competence in the field lies in the cities of Florence, Pisa and Siena, who have long experience in the pharmaceutical-science.

Over the years has led many companies toscane now are leaders in the industry and the market world, thanks to a long tradition of the three most important university: Florence, Pisa and Siena, and many research centers, both public and private.


Tuscany has attracted strong international interest towards the field of mechanics, always in constant search of new markets, many foreign operators have moved towards smaller firms, pushing a strong international market rise.

To date The field of mechanical and 'electrical approximately 16,600 businesses in Tuscany.


World famous in the field of leather goods, Tuscany boasts an 'aggregation of firms nationally. The local tradition rooted in the field of leather goods has made possible the expansion of a vast and diverse, ranging from small craft to multinational luxury.

Thank you adoption of new technologies and experience in the Tuscan market reached excellent results, offering great investment opportunities.

Settore Turistico

Tourism has always characterized the Tuscany, a region of the most beautiful d 'Italia, with its landscapes of the most beautiful in the world and its medieval soul, collects stories of life and traditions established over time.

Huge green spaces and hills persuading tourists, accompanied in places by the extraordinary beauty, among medieval towns and cities' such as Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Siena.

The geographical position and the prevailing activity in the tourism sector, make Tuscany one of the major points of reference in Europe to invest in this field.


Characterized by a ten-year stability in terms of numbers of companies, Tuscany boasts a strength and a major consideration in the food sector.

The Tuscan market excels for the quality of products offered: Tuscany is ranked nationally for the value of exports, 1st place for traditional products, 2nd place for the number of names of wines, 4th place the PDO and PGI products.

Fort of these certainties, Tuscany offers many business opportunities in this strategic sector.