Bodies and associations

Here is a list of some of the organizations that operate and are based in Tuscany.

Also point out between these Unique association for the recovery of objects of art antiques .

IRPUE - Association of Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential Europe


The Association "Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential Onlus Europe", founded in 1987 to give a concrete response to the needs of the families of cerebrolesi, not for profit and is legally recognized by the Ministry of Health.

The headquarters of Fauglia is the only one recognized by the European Institute of Philadelphia and is the only authorized to use its rehabilitation methods and the only work where the staff prepared by the International Academy for the Development of the Brain of the Child "in Philadelphia.

Rotary Club Galilei - World Association of Entrepreneurs and profe


Rotary and 'a world of entrepreneurs and professionals of both sexes who provide humanitarian service, encourage compliance with ethical principles in the exercise of any profession.

Undertake to build a world of friendship and peace.

Misericordiapisa - The Mercy of Pisa


The Venerable Arciconfraternita of Mercy and Crocioni of Pisa is one of the oldest institutions of the city, having been founded in 1330 by a group of fellow citizens to return from the Holy Land.

With a fleet modern and efficient, with a staff of 40 employees and 200 volunteers of the rescue, the Misericordia di Pisa he has approximately 4,500 subscribers receiving its services.