Economic structure of the Province of Florence: to invest in key areas

Ponte Vecchio - Florence The attraction that only makes the production system in the province of Florence is the establishment of the SEL (local economy), which provides reports, trade and business services that are part of it.
Florence is known worldwide for its beauty and art, tourism and luxury shopping. But the real backbone of 'economy of the territory of Florence is the' industry, with a incidence of 27%, consisting of 105,000 small and medium-sized enterprises together with the larger reality in the world.

The industrial sector as well as the trade constitute 50% of business in Florence, while the chemical industry contributes 13.2% of the value added of the province and mechanics of 22.7%.
In the province of Florence is the large environmental and economic opportunities that open the doors to investors and entrepreneurs from both Italian and foreign.

Key areas:

  • fashion
  • Crafts
  • Wine
  • Mechanical
  • chemical pharmaceutical
  • HiTech
  • art
  • Tourism
  • trade


Consists of more than 15,000 businesses with a turnover of more than 1200 million, mainly in the areas of film-leather footwear and apparel.
Florence is the second province to national level as regards the export of hides and skins with 577 million for the footwear and 528 million for scholarships and travel articles.
50% of production is located in the municipalities of Scandicci, Valdarno Superiore Valdisieve and with about 1500 businesses. Gucci, Prada and Ferragamo have decided to set up in their laboratories Florentine design and production.
The field of 'clothing instead focuses for most of the territory and Empoli in the municipalities adjacent to 886 companies and a turnover of around 550 million euros.
One area in which said there is no lack of attractive investment opportunities


The art of ' Florentine craftsmanship distinguished itself in Italy, with a passion and an entrepreneurial spirit that continues from 1737. One area consolidated and started mixing tradition and innovation.
The craft is different especially as riguara processing of ceramics, glass and wood with some 2,500 companies and an annual turnover amounting to 850 million euros.
A compartment balanced strengthens l 'economia fiorentina thanks to EU funds, state, regional, and Chambers of any other supplier, which provide optimum conditions for investment.


The Florentine territory is characterized by a particularly fertile land suitable for agricultural work.
There are over 7,000 companies involved in agriculture and food and wine, with about 153,000 employees and a turnover of about 180 million euros for the products exported.


The field of mechanics has a number of leading companies working closely with industry groups at home and abroad.


Florence is the capital of art, such as according to recent statistics of the 'UNESCO, approximately 60% of works of art in the world is in Italy, which half are located in Florence.

Its vast cultural heritage is due to the fact that Florence was long an important cultural center for artists and painters who lived in this city and expressed their genius: the fathers of Italian painting Cimabue and Giotto, the founder of Renaissance painting as Masaccio, Brunelleschi, poets such as Dante Alighieri and Boccaccio, and the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
Today, Florence has become a popular destination for tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy this wonderful city.

In terms of consumption, Florence has an important role in this area concerts, theater works, research centers and laboratories theater contribute to enhance the productive profile of the Region offering a prestigious and innovative landscape.

L 'OPD (Opificio delle Pietre Dure) which carries out research in the field of restoration of works of art, in collaboration with the Museum of Science and Technology has promoted a series of projects focused on promoting research and training of new technologies in the area of cultural heritage in terms of restoration and multimedia.


An incredibly important with regard to 'economy of the area and beyond. Strong experience rooted in the years combined with the advanced features of Florentine firms, has led to a high competence in both the production and marketing.
Strategic relationship between the small and medium-sized businesses with sturutture inprenditoriali most important, which led to a series of technological competitive Provincial and production markets worldwide.
The chemical industry consists of about 250 companies established in the production of chemicals, synthetic fibers, plastics and rubber, with sales growing annually by 5.5%.
The pharmaceutical sector is composed of about 80 companies, among which stands out the Menarini, an international leader.


The province has fiorentina counted much on the development of the sector HiTech are over 3900 companies operating in this field in the territory of Florence, more than one third of HiTech companies at regional level.
The Florentine HiTech sector has in recent years represented a clear and lasting example of investment for many employers: companies focus much on the production and delivery of software, consultancy and the 'development of electronic data through advanced technology and skills to 'edge in the industry, especially for mechanized systems of high precision.
The province of Florence is home to many industry-leading companies such as Group El.En, Infogroup, Ote, Esaote, Galileo, Dada and Chl.


The Explosion of the cart at Easter. If you are on holiday in Florence at Easter you can not miss the explosion of the cart, that tradition seems to date back to the time of the Crusades.

Easter Sunday was held in Florence during a local event which is traportato by a great white horse wagon adorned with garlands and fireworks.

The wagon parade from Porta a Prato to the city center to arrive in Piazza del Duomo where you place a wire connecting the wagon the high altar of the cathedral.

During the noon Mass, when dell'Alleluia, Archbishop lit the rocket fire that the cart and the fireworks in it. The show is very fun and charming the audience.

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Reaching Florence

By train: Florence there are two main stations: Santa Maira Novella and Florence Rifredi. For those who want to be just a few minutes walk from Centro, it is advisable to choose the first. For information on times and costs visit the site
By plane: Florence has a small international airport a few miles from the center. The connections to and from the airport are numerous and efficient thanks to bus, taxi and shuttle bus.

By plane: International Airport "Amerigo Vespucci" in Florence, just 4 km Old Town, provides direct flights to and from many European cities.

By car:

  • Coming from Milan: take the A1 Bologna-Firenze, exit Firenze Nord. Follow the signs to the center.
  • For those coming from Genoa: take the A12 to Viareggio, and follow the A11 to Firenze, exit Firenze Nord.
  • Coming from Rome, A1 Rome - Milan, Florence South exit Follow the signs to the center.

We recommend in all cases, before departure, consult a map or a map and create a custom path.